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Cones and Seed
The most advanced conifer seed processing facility in the Northwest

Cone Processing

Cone Processing Plant at IFA Nurseries located in Oregon and Washington.
Cones and Seed offers cone processing services for our contract seedling growers only. We help with this process by providing contacts for cone pickers and assisting with sourcing trucking transportation.

  • Conveniently located adjacent to Canby Nursery
  • Large capacity cone curing shed
  • Highly effective progressive drying kilns

Lab Services

Lab ServicesSteve Ervin, Manager

  • Seed lab to ensure quality seed at each process step
  • Purity, Filled seed, Moisture, and Germination testing

Seed Conditioning

Seed Conditioning

  • Large and small capacity equipment to handle any sized seed lot
  • Specialized/customized equipment in order to process all species
  • Custom seed stratification and seed lot improvement

Seed Storage

Seed Storage

  • Multiple seed storage units for convenience and high security
  • Metal storage structure on concrete floor
  • Alarm system and backup power
  • Seed shipped to the nursery of your choice

As a division of a nursery company, we understand the need for high quality seed and focus on providing that for our customers. We welcome your visit and questions.